How to fix my domain/host issues?
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I have a few domain and host questions and were unable to get a straight answer from neither provider. Mefi to the help?

So I finally decided to open a small website and registered a domain, I am a bit confused about some issues.

I registered the domain at godaddy and am hosting my site on fatcow.

1. When I first forwarded my domain to the host I noticed that after you click on any internal link the address changes from to which looks off and pretty unprofessional.
2. I then figured out that I should try forward with masking and now when you click on any link it stays instead of going to I assume this is also not the best option because folks will not be able to bookmark the specific page they are on. I also noticed that shortly after this change, google started showing the page and not the page. I want to change that.

Is forward with masking compromises SEO?
What would be the most straightforward way to fix my issues?

I called the costumer support of both godaddy and fatcow but were unable to resolve my issues.

Any suggestions?
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You want fatcow to manage the DNS for your domain. That way you don't have to do any kind of forwarding on GoDaddy's side. The pertinent information is on this page under "Add a domain registered elsewhere to your FatCow account". Basically, you need to log into your GoDaddy account and change your DNS servers to and
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Zsazsa, thanks for your prompt respose.
I just changed it and yet when I click on different pages the adress changes back to

Any ideas?
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It takes 2 - 72 hours for DNS changed to propagate across the Internet.
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Sounds good.

Another thing I haven't mentioned is that the whole website is under wordpress with the thesis theme. Should I point my domain to a wordpress subdirectory ?
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No, point the domain to the web root and configure Wordpress to be at the web site root if that is where you want it. You can put Wordpress anywhere on your site and still have it load at It's a setting in Wordpress.
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