Kilns in Toronto?
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Where in Toronto can I harness the power of a kiln to slump a bottle?

So my best friend in the whole world is skipping town at the end of the summer to do a post-graduate degree. I have a few things in mind for her going-away care package, but the pièce de résistance is this: I still have the empty tequila bottle that we split on the dark winter night that cemented our friendship (long, crazy story). I heard about bottle slumping and thought "Hey! This is the perfect thing." She's the best cook I know, and a slumped cutting board made out of That Bottle Of Shitty Tequila would be the perfect thing to send her away with.

The problem: I do not have a kiln. I do not know where kilns are found. I probably would not know a kiln to see one. Is there anywhere in Toronto (or near Toronto, even. Anywhere I could bike to in a day) that would either allow use of their kiln or say "Silly child, this is a grownup toy. Let me melt your swill bottle for a fair price"?

Alternatively, if anybody has a better idea of how to turn an empty 40 into a cool piece of art, I am all ears.
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Your gift idea sounds awesome, except for the part where you give her a glass cutting board. Speaking from experience, they're slippery to cut on, and dull good knives real fast, and make a horrible nails-on-chalk sound. All of which adds up to danger in the kitchen. Better you should make a slightly concave hors d'oeuvre tray as pictured in your link, or a big spoon rest.

In Toronto, I would try contacting Fantasy in Glass — they don't seem to have any slumping seminars scheduled near-term, but they might be able to help you on the premises. If nothing else, maybe they'd be able to hook you up with someone who would slump it for you.
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Mumkin may already have the best answer. Good artists and their kin (and kiln) deserve everyone's support.

But if you have a blowtorch and a microwave... can melt a glass bottle on your own!
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Response by poster: An hors d'oeuvre tray it is, then! Advice noted gratefully.

I will give Fantasy in Glass a call and see what they suggest. Thanks!
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If Fantasy in Glass doesn't work out, maybe try ArtZone; they used to offer slumping/other glasswork workshops and they might be able to help you out.
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Harbourfront will do it i bet
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You could also turn it into a vase.
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