Steadicam Ideas for Small Projects
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Steadicam on the way! iPhone 4 video project ideas?

I have an iPhone 4. It has excellent photo and video quality (for its size and for my purposes). I have a Steadicam Smoothee arriving tomorrow. What are some cool projects I could do with this? I have a fairly robust DSLR kit, but I'm looking for alternative projects for fun. I have Final Cut, so I'd be creating small videos and sharing with friends and YouTube.

I've done a few things so far, but none require a Steadicam. I tried making my own, it worked alright, but rather than endlessly tweak it, I opted for the professionally built solution.

What would you do with this great little Steadicam device? Thanks all!
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Film your own remakes of epic single-shot opening scenes like "Touch of Evil" or "The Player."
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