Sample extraction from a module file?
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How can I extract samples from a module (Impulse Tracker) file to .wav files, particularly on a Mac?

This is the file in question, for what it's worth. It's actually meant as a collection of NES sound samples, to be used for chiptune productions. I'm trying to make a few sample sets to use with ThumbJam and this would probably speed things up a bit.
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Well...VLC opens the file and plays it (approx. 8-seconds), but there's no sound when it does.
Audacity opens the file and displays a waveform. But it's highly compressed (0.04000 sec. duration) and, thus, just a blip.
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Response by poster: Right, apparently it's just a collection of a hundred audio samples with no actual song to speak of, meant to be loaded into a tracker and used by others for its samples.
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You should be able to run the actual Impulse Tracker under DOSBox. From there you'll need to figure out the commands to open the file and save the samples. I think if you press ? or h or something you get a menu of commands; it's been forever since I last used it.
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You can open the IT file in Renoise and save the samples from there.
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Best answer: Okay, I had a go at extracting the samples, results here. Because of the 8.3 limitation of DOS most of the names were truncated from their full values, and there were some that conflicted, so I renamed them all to start with "nn_..." where nn is the instrument number.
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Response by poster: Awesome! That is basically exactly what I wanted. : )
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