I'm here. I'm queer. Where do I go?
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I'll be late to the NYC pride parade. Where should I go to catch as much of it as possible?

The NYC pride parade is happening today- hooray! It begins at noon and goes along a pretty long route. I won't be able to make it there until 1:30 or 2 PM. Where should I go when I get there to catch as much of the parade as possible?
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Here's the parade route map. Anyplace on the second half the route should be fine. The parade is loooong, so you should be fine.
posted by Tin Man at 2:58 AM on June 26, 2011

I have found that the most fun part is on the Christopher Street section. But that works even without the parade.
posted by Splunge at 10:17 AM on June 26, 2011

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