Bald, bad complexion, menacing, sandpaper voiced, beady-eyed actor - who are you?
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Bald, bad complexion, menacing, sandpaper voiced, beady-eyed actor - who are you?

I thought this guy was on "Breaking Bad" but after scouring all of the episode cast listings on IMDB I couldn't find him. The actor in question is bald, beady-eyed with a bad complexion, a voice that sounds sandpapery and just screams "evil" and usually plays some form of henchman. He may not have been on "Breaking Bad" but I've seen him as a henchman/cleaner/bad guy in some form of fish-out-of-water drug dealing show/movie before. I thought he might have been on "The Wire" or "The Sopranos" but doesn't appear to be listed in the episode credits.

In keeping with the vagueness I seem to remember this guy having this line in a movie/show when asked about drug dealing/illegal activity by a naive person involved in his illegal activity - "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just a businessman."

Apologies for being so vague but this has been driving me batty today!
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Mr. Svenning?
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You might be thinking of Danny Trejo. He's not bald, but he's got the bad complexion, he was in Breaking Bad, and he has played bay guy/henchman in lots of movies and series.
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Oh, checking out that quote, I found "I'm not your problem. I'm a business man." which is said by Christopher Walken in the role of Frank White in King of New York.
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The guy who plays the cleaner on Breaking Bad is Jonathan Banks.
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Oh, here's a great monologue from him - Half Measures.
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Response by poster: It's none of the guys mentioned, sadly. The guy I'm thinking about looks like a much more menacing version of Billy Ripken.
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Clint Howard?
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Vinnie Jones?
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Michael Chiklis?
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Jackie Earle Haley?
He wasn't in Breaking Bad but he was is Breaking Away.
(Not usually bald, though)
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Could he be my friend Michael Shamus Wiles?
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Messed that up, sorry: Michael Shamus Wiles
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J K Simmons?
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Ray Liotta?
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Zeljko Ivanek of True Blood, Damages, Oz, 24, Homicide?
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Lance Hendriksen?

Michael Ironside?
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Tommy Lee Jones?
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The always menacing Daniel Benzali?
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Response by poster: Daniel Benzali is like an older version of the guy I'm thinking about.
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I assume you aren't looking for Dean Norris, who plays the DEA agent on Breaking Bad, right?
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Response by poster: Correct, the guy I'm thinking about plays a dude with a very dark and dry sense of humour, not a jovial loudmouth like Hank.
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Edward James Olmos?
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Ben Kingsley?
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Response by poster: Should have mentioned this earlier - he's a white American and is probably is his early 40s.
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He's a bit older than that, but John Malkovich almost fits the bill and has pretty much that line in "In the Line of Fire".
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Sorry, scratch that. On searching, it's actually Clint Eastwood's line (though Malkovich's character pretends to be a businessman).
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Peter Stormare? As soon as you mentioned Ripken, the eyes reminded me of him.
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Miguel Ferrer?
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I've got to throw this out there, just based on looks: Vin Diesel?
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(alice) mentioned Vinnie Jones, but I didn't recognize him from the imdb page... here's him as Bullet Tooth Tony in Snatch.

"And the fact that you've got 'Replica' written down the side of your guns, and the fact that I've got 'Desert Eagle point-five-oh' written on the side of mine, should precipitate your balls into shrinking, along with your presence. Now … f**k off."
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His usual onscreen persona doesn't really fit, but all of the photos you're responding to make me think of Pruitt Taylor Vince.
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Billy Zane?
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Paul Ben-Victor?
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Michael Chiklis?
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Response by poster: A cross between Daniel Benzali and Michael Chiklis.
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Kind of a stretch other than in the looks department: Michael Cerveris?
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The picture of Jonathan Banks above is about 10 years old.

Jonathan Banks today.

Is that possibly him?
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Hang on -

Terry O'Quinn?
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Robert LaSardo?
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How about Wade Williams? (I'm really enjoying this, by the way)
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Response by poster: Not Jonathan Banks or Terry O'Quinn, those guys don't look they'd eat your soul like the guy I'm talking about.

Robert LaSardo is an awesome dude, but not the one I'm looking for unfortunately.
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Do his characters kill people? Work alone, or with others? Are you sure it's drugs? Can you picture someone who was with him in a scene at some point?

Man, now *I'm* going crazy.
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Blake Shields? It's a stretch, but he was a bad guy on heroes, etc.

And John Malkovich is older, of course, but he does say, "i'm a businessman" in In The Line of Fire and he is the ultimate evil creepy dude. But he is usually head creepy dude, not a henchman.

Could you be thinking of another show, like Treme?
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Jason Statham?
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Oh! Greg Antonacci was in the Sopranos and is in Boardwalk Empires on HBO!
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Response by poster: I've seen this guy as a lieutenant/righthand man of an evil dude. I really wish I could remember what I saw this guy in 'cause it's driving me crazy!
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Oops my "Jason Statham" link went to Ross Kemp. Jason Statham's not bald, he's got stubble.
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How about John Polito?
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Robert Davi?
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Michael Rooker?
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Paul McCrane?
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Lawrence Bayne?
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Eric Winzenried?
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We must know!
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Maybe the Bald of Evil page at TV Tropes will help?
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Argh, I can picture the guy the OP's talking about. Y'all need to concentrate on the beady eyes thing. Think black eyes, or really dark brown. Not a pretty guy. Slopinging back forehead. Completely bald (or shaved head, funny shaped head, not a handdsome head). I'd say closer to 55 (of course, I might have thought up a completely new evil balding guy with a bad complexion!) Acne damaged skin. I picture him in super cheesy bad guy roles along the lines of Austin Powers (but not in that movie -- just cheesy over the top type roles -- maybe James Bond).

Sorry, this isn't helpful at all!!
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It's "that guy"
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Ok, this has been bugging me all night. Is the guy tall and not slightly built and does he have prominent light-colored lips and are his eyes small, black and really deeply set? Cause this is who I'm picturing... And of course I don't know his name... Always plays baddies.
(off to try to find out his name)
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Best answer: I finally figured out who the actor in question was (Dan Moran) and where I had seen him (FX's "Lights Out").



Sorry for driving everyone insane with this!
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Nope, not who I was thinking of. So now I've got my own name-that-face niggle to worry at. Heh.
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playertobenamedlater...? I'm here to eat your soul. What a curious post. Someone forwarded this to me, so I felt I should answer. The last show I worked on was Lights Out, but FX has canceled the show. There were some nasty things in store for my character, but will never see the light of day. I myself am battling Parkinson's disease, so you probably won't see my bald, sloping head around much anymore. Very amusing thread to read.
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Welcome, Dan! Good to see you.
I'm so sad to hear about your health... will you be able to do any work at all, or are you just too shaky and hurting?

Also, Meta.
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Just watched your demo reel, Dan. You've done some great work.
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Your scenes in Happiness never fail to crack me the hell up.
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So awesome you turned up in this thread Dan! Welcome to Metafilter! (Would like to suggest what I think is the best hospital in NYC, to suggest NYPresbyterian Hospital for your treatment and or the Dept. of Neurology at Columbia Pres. Hospital and online support groups, like this one or this if you're in Brooklyn.)
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Dan, "I'm here to eat your soul" is probably the best opening line anyone at this website has ever had. Seriously awesome. Welcome!
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Wow, thanks all for the care and advice. I hope casting people can see beyond the PD to cast me in more roles, but most are very short sighted. Plus, I'm over 50 and the roles diminish. Just the nature of the beast. I had hoped to act until I drop, but we shall see. I'm concentrating on my writing right now, and a production of Beckett's "ENDGAME" with another actor here in NYC who also has PD.... Should be trippy. Thanks to nickyskye for the advice, but I'm with a tremendous doctor at NYU Parkinson's Center named Dr. DiRocco.. Top notch. Again, thanks for the mice words. But, can someone explain this site? Are people from all over the world? Can you just ask any question in the world here? Hip me, if you will.
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Hip me, if you will.

I wonder if this might be the new "Administrator! Please hope me!"


There is a wiki that explains a lot of things.

And recently a Beckett thread on The Blue.

Stick around, there are lots of nice people here. And, yes, from all over the world.

Can you just ask any question in the world here?
This is a slightly more complicated question to answer. You can ask any question that can be answered - questions that are open-ended ("What's your favourite tree!?") are not well liked. With extreme, as they say, prejudice.

Best wishes for Endgame.
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I only joined in February, so I'll still a newbie (n00b) here - but I'll kick things off.

This is the question section of the online community blog called MetaFilter. It was created in 1999 by Matt Haughey, and started off with pictures of cats in scanners. (Cats are still very popular here.) It is based in the US, so the language is English and the majority of members (I think around 70%) are American, but MeFi has members of many nationalities and ethnicities around the globe. The politics are generally left-leaning and atheist members are very vocal, but there are enough right-leaning and religious members that there are good discussions. Sometimes. ;) Among the 50,000-some-odd members, around 13,000 are active, posting interesting finds on Internet to the blue, MeFi section. Discussion ensues, which can get heated. The site is moderated, but with a light touch. Only nasty personal attacks - and double posts - get deleted. You can use colorful language of any stripe and though the c-word is frowned upon, I have seen it used and undeleted.

If the discussion gets too heated, it may get taken to the gray, MetaTalk section, where things are even less moderated and metacommentary takes place, and where the site itself and functionalities are also discussed. And there can be much silliness.

Here, in this green question section, called AskMetaFilter, you can indeed ask any question you like. MeFi members include doctors, musicians, plumbers, psychologists, writers, particle physicists, translators, truck drivers... AskMe is more heavily moderated to keep the comments on task = answering the poster's question. But folks can ask very personal questions, involving deeply felt issues, so the mods are also quicker to delete a comment that seems aggressive or snarky.

There are also sections dedicated to Music and Projects and Jobs and IRL (In Real Life, for meetups), and also sister sites like MetaChat, but I've rambled on long enough. Here's a link to the "About" section, but there's more information in the wiki entry and on the Wikipedia page.

Stick around awhile, Dan. You'll like it.
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(didn't mean to step on your answer, Grangousier! and hoping other members-of-long-standing aren't annoyed at my presumption and will show up to fill in the blanks :)
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Response by poster: Wow, talk about crazy.

Dan - My memory was a bit hazy when I posted this or I would have described you a bit differently. My apologies for getting a few things wrong in your description for the question (i.e. bad complexion, beady-eyed). I'm also sorry I failed to mention how totally bad ass and menacing you were on "Lights Out"; I really looked forward to seeing where your character was going to go had the show continued on. Regardless, you, Holt, Stacy, Elizabeth Marvel and Pablo Schreiber really did a great job on that show.

By the way, your line from "Happiness" - "You're right, you're right. It's too late" - gets a lot of mileage from me at work. Take care, be well and don't be a stranger around Metafilter!
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Welcome to MetaFilter, Dan! I hope you don't mind, but I've just added you to What a Face, my Tumblr gallery of character actors with interesting faces.
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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack. So, I looked around the site, checked out a few people, fell down some rabbit holes, but overall I think this is a pretty cool site. So I'll be around...
@faint of butt - not at all do i mind... some terrific actors in your gallery. Some pretty frightening ones too..
@ playertobenamedlater - thanks, I have also gotten some mileage off that line in Happiness. As for LIGHTS OUT that really hurt when FX canceled as we were going to see a lot more of Gus in Season 2.
@grangousier - thanks for the leads and advice on the site. The beckett thread has a great interview with Beckett and John Lennon, if it's even real. Very funny.

Thank you to all, I am now a member .
My favorite tree is the Weeping Willow.

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