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My sweetie and I are looking for lodging recommendations in Montreal.

We'll be visiting for a period that could be somewhere between 4 days and one week towards the end of June. We're looking for someplace that's affordable (not much more than $100/night ... less, if possible) but also romantic and cool. A good location close to dining/culture/nightlife is essential ... a whirlpool bath would be pretty nice too. Thoughts?

Also, would renting an apartment for a week be a better use of money? If so, apartment suggestions appreciated.
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$100 USD or CDN?
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Marquis, I sort of left that vague intentionally to get a wider range of suggestions, but I think that we could do $100USD
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Others will no doubt have better suggestions, but L'Appartement on Sherbrooke is a pretty fabulous location--easy walk to dining/culture/nightlife. It's where my family's stayed in the past when we've been up there.
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A few years ago I stayed at this funky little B&B -- not sure if that's your style, but it was quite affordable and well-located (Sherbrooke/St. Urbain).
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When in Montreal, I stay at Auberge Les Bons Matins for its fabulous breakfasts, outrageously delicious hot chocolate, lovely hot tubs in most rooms, and incredibly close proximity to the subway and thus everything else in Montreal, since the subway system there is outstanding. The funky art on the walls doesn't hurt, either, and the owners are very friendly and welcoming. The prices are in the top range of what you've requested, but it is a B&B and the breakfasts are really amazing, so you'll save money there.
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I like staying at Chateau L'Argoat, a B&B on Sherbrooke and St.Denis. It's inexpensive, has the whirlpool bath, conveniently located and has nice owners. You'd need to book in advance as they're usually quite busy.
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Montreal B&Bs are renowned, but since I had an apartment for most of the time I lived there, the only one I've tried was jazquilynne's recommendation, the Auberge Les bons matins. It was, indeed, absolutely lovely - a pretty joyous hotel-room experience.

It is, however, away from The Main/St Denis/Mont Royal, that is, the hoppingest night life centers, and although the metro is nearby, the subway closes between 11 and 1am, depending on the day of the week. So I guess it depends how hard you intend to party.
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The Canada Grand Prix is on June 12th, and has the entire city sold out and priced absurdly. I assume this problem will be rectified by the weekends of the 18th or 25th.

Just a word of advice in case you were considering going slightly earlier.
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I'm looking into going to Mutek in a few weeks. Thanks to all for these links.
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I stayed at Anne Ma Soeur Anne for relatively cheap, and I've heard great things about Le Petit Prince.
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My wife and I returned last Saturday from a week in Montreal--we rented an apartment in Le Plateau--I can not say enough good things about the flat and its location. Owned by an artist--a twenty year resident of Montreal-- who was gracious and very helpful. I know our apartment is booked but he has other flats (two in the same building) and friends who own self catering accommodations--I would thoroughly trust his recommendations if his are not available--Le Plateau is a perfect location--hundreds of cafes, bistros, restos, restaurants with in easy walking distance as is downtown, parts of McGill and Mont Royal Parc. It is well with in your price range--I checked his web site and see he has a few days available in the end of June. I know you will have a wonderful time, My Best
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As for renting you could probably manage something. Downtown Montreal has an insane number of sublets available during the summer as McGill students return home leaving their appartments empty.

Ditto the McGill residences which I know doesn't sound great except that McGill recently bought a hotel and turned it into residences so they might have decent rooms.

Neither is likely to include a hot tub but I thought I'd offer anyhow.
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I live in a McGill rez, Solin Hall, which is being subletted out, mostly, for the summer (it has a full-year lease, but most people have gone home), so I can offer a bit of a gloss on cm's suggestion in case you're considering this.

Solin Hall is right beside Lionel-Groulx metro, which is on the two major subway lines (orange and green), but it's sort of out of the way of most of the nightlife-y stuff, since it's in St-Henri, which is mostly a working class neighbourhood.

RVC is probably your best bet of the rezes that offer sublets, since it's right downtown. The Mountain residences are, um, on a mountain.

And seconded on the recommendation of cheap sublets in the McGill ghetto, which seems pretty deserted.
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Don't forget Montreal's three other universities.

As for accommodations, any Bed & Breakfast on avenue Laval should suite your fancy just fine. If you're interested in any of them I'd be happy to walk by, take some pics and get some info for you. Laval runs parallel to St-Laurent (the Main), and intersects the pedestrian street of Prince-Arthur (great for having a drink on a terrace) and it's got a nice park at one end (Carré St-Louis).
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P.S. Having lived in Montreal I never needed to stay in a hotel, but the B&Bs on Laval have always peaked my interest. Oh, and the avenue is not to be confused with the suburban island by the same name.
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The B&B Bienvenue on Laval put up a couple of my friends and was OK. I have heard iffy things about the other B&B on the other side of the street.
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I just saw an ad for Looks interesting.
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