Painting a primed shed after some months?
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Last fall, I painted primer onto a newly-built shed, and have not gotten to painting it beyond that until now. It's been a rainy winter. The primed shed has some dirt on it. What do I need to do to get it ready to paint?

Obviously, I know nothing about painting things, except that primer is a good first step.
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If the primer coat is still stable and not peeling, etc just wash off the dirt with a garden hose. Then let it dry and paint it with the finish coat. You will have to decide on the condition of the primer already applied. I am guessing that it is ok. Wash it, paint it.
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Sponge and water. Soap not necessary but a little TSP is paint-friendly. Roughing up the surface a bit while scrubbing is helpful for binding the next coat, though not essential. A course sponge will do this as a side effect. A dish scrubber, in a pinch.

Let it dry all day in the sun before painting the next day.

Be sure to use outdoor, "all-weather" paint, and check the label for temperature ranges.

Pick a hot summer day and have fun. Beer helps.
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Perfect, thank you both. Also: beer!
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