Help me make Atlas.ti & Survey Monkey cooperate
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Atlas.ti Survey Import question: how should my Survey Monkey exports be formatted in order to be successfully brought into Atlas.ti via the new Survey Import tool?

Apparently, a proper import will bring in each respondents' row as a separate Primary Document, which would be awesome. I'm not having much luck with that.... Atlas may be choking on my likert scale items, perhaps because of a lack of a top-level header for each of the response columns for those, but that's only a guess.

Has anyone had success with this? The manual update leaves a bit to be desired (pdf link). Has anyone found a better description of the process online that refers expressly to SM data exports?
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Response by poster: Oh, I take that back-- the seemingly headerless columns are for multiple answer items like "please indicate which tools you use" with several answers. The headers for the likert items have proper headers and a single column each.
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