What are some good pomace based fluids?
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I'm looking to get into pomace brandy. What are some trustworthy names in grappa, orujo, chacha, zivania and what have you? And where can I find them?

If you have relevant stories, book recommendations, and advice, then I'm all ears! But the question above is really the central point here. I'm looking to expand my experience of that mighty genre: the digestif. I'm already well versed in Italian, and German bitters, but it is time to saddle up and venture into that wide flavor frontier that is pomace.
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My favorite grappas are made by Nonino, a company whose family matriarch is said to have pretty much launched the whole idea of grappa as a fine spirit as opposed to farmers' rotgut. In America, the most easily accessible Nonino grappas are made from Merlot and Chardonnay pomace, exclusively. The Chardonnay is good, pretty much what you'd expect from a pomace brandy, but the Merlot stuff is transcendental and extremely complex of flavor, with notes of coffee, caramel and vanilla.

There's also something called Quintessentia Amaro which is considered an Italian bitters; it's grappa with added herbs. It's quite nice, and if you're already into bitters, it might be a good place for you to start.
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The Poli grappas are relatively easy to find in higher end stores in the States (I assume you are in the US?), and they are quite tasty. You might just have to go to Italy, though - the selection of grappas here really pales in comparison.
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