Help my dad have a good time in Wichita, KS?
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Hey folks that live in or are familiar with Wichita, KS: my 64-year-old dad and his buddy need a hand. They're going to see Bela Fleck at the Orpheum next month and would love a hotel recommendation for that night. The ideal would be driving in and parking at the hotel and not getting back in the car until they head back home. Is this doable for a reasonable price?

They'd love to stay some place within walking distance of the Orpheum but are concerned about safety on the walk back to the hotel afterwards. They're in good shape, so distance isn't really an issue, but they're also both suburban/rural guys so sorta paranoid about getting mugged or whatever. Is there a decently priced place close enough to the Orpheum to walk safely (and by decently priced, I'm talking $100-ish a night) or a place further away that has consistent taxi access there and back? (They both would prefer to be able to have beers at the show, hence the desire to not have to drive). I've never been to Wichita, so I'm kind of at an impasse as far as helping them. Thanks!
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Can't help you with a hotel, but I saw "Tower of Power" in the Orpheum. Very intimate, and cool setting. You will have an awesome time. I would love to see Bela Fleck live, especially at that venue.
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My knowledge is about 8 years out of date. The Orpheum is a fun place to see a show! They could stay at the Hotel at Old Town, about 1/2 mile east of the theater. I think it's going to be over $100 though. The advantage is that there are a variety of places to eat and hang out in the Old Town area. I see there's now a Marriott Courtyard in Old Town too. There will probably be others walking from the Orpheum to Old Town after the show, so they wouldn't feel endangered.

Or they could stay a few blocks to the west, at the Hyatt (probably the most expensive option) or the Broadview. The Broadview is "historic" and it looks like it's under renovation now; may or may not be available in time for the show.

They could check out the routes with Google StreetView.

There are some old motels on the south side of downtown, along US 54. No experience there, and I personally wouldn't chance it, especially if they're concerned about safety. As far as I know, the odds of a mugging are remote, but it won't look that way to someone unfamiliar with the area.

I haven't used taxis in Wichita, but hope someone with better local knowledge will chime in.
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I'm 90 miles from Wichita. Haven't stayed overnight there in ages, but it looks like the Downtown Wichita website has some good suggestions for nearby hotels and transportation.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks for all the suggestions. I'll send him this thread and hopefully we can figure something out. I appreciate it!
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