Mac attack!
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I hit some keys, and the Mac display got too big for the screen!

Oh dear. I am home sick and can't manage to successfully Google the solution to this.

Was doing something on the MacBook Pro, and I accidentally made the display too large for the screen. Not just the Safari window, but the whole thing: when I can see the Apple in the upper left, the date/time display on the right is off the edge of the screen.

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Best answer: Hold the Control key, and use your mouse or track pad to scroll down to reduce screen magnification. The lowest level of magnification is "normal." Hold Control and scroll up to magnify the screen.
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Hit command and the dash (or minus) sign.
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Response by poster: [somewhat sheepishly] Thank you, Hylas!
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Can I hijack this thread for a second? How do you make the font size bigger to read in Mac Mail? I don't want the font bigger when writing emails, but for reading purposes, I'd like to increase the text size.
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@HeyAllie: I think that you just gave your own advice.
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If I do that, it only increases the text in the display pane showing the email, but not in the column to the left or to the list of emails above.
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Okay, I figured it out - it was under display and resolution....
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Thank you, Hylas!

Don't mention it. BTW, the screen magnification is a great feature. You can find its preferences under System Preferences -> Universal Access in the Screen tab. It also lists the shortcut keys for those features.
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