Non-BU wifi near BU?
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In June I attend a conference on the Boston University campus. It looks like the BU network will be closed to attendees who are not BU students. Do you know of wifi access close to the BU campus?

I emphasize the closeness aspect: the conference has sessions all day and I don't want to miss them while I am trucking around on the T. I've Googled this to death, but I'm not sure I know Boston well enough to say what is truly close and what only seems close. And the campus really isn't that small, so anything near 10 Buick Street would be great. Free would be nice, too. And a pony.
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Last I remember, the ERC (coffee shop) across the street from Marsh Plaza has WiFi. There may be a few more places down past St.Mary's street.

Sorry I can't be more help, but my time at BU was before the rise of wifi.
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Best answer: The Espresso Royale does indeed have free WiFi.

There is also a starbucks near campus (874 Commonwealth Ave ) which has WiFi, but you pay for it.
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Wi-Fi Hotspots - Boston.
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As above - Starbucks - 874 Commonwealth Avenue.
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Conference is at StuVi, eh? Enjoy the shiny buildings. Also, what [everyone] said; I wish I'd been up this morning to catch your question.
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