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Pursefilter: Looking for an extra-large tote bag with the following characteristics (snowflakes ahead)

Looking for an extra-large tote bag that I can use to carry a LOT of stuff.

With the following characteristics:

- Black
- Leather
- Very good quality, sturdy and durable, will last a few years at least
- Moderately pricey is okay ($200 - $350 US)
- Classy, fashionable, stylish
- Preferably with interior pockets/organizer of some sort
- The BIGGEST bag you have ever seen... I'd like to be able to fit in a change of clothes, pair of heels, computer, various power cables, umbrella, make-up bag, jacket, etc.

I've seen a lot of bags online but none of them are as big as I need. I'm looking for something ENORMOUS. Longchamp's Large Le Pliage is not big enough. Might be classified as a travel or overnight bag or a carry-on instead of a tote, but needs to look like a purse.

Thank you, Mefites!
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I love my SF City Map Timbuk2 bag. I've used it for most of the things you've mentioned. However, I don't know if you can get it in leather.

And it's more bag than purse.
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Dooney and Bourke 1975 Signature Extra Large Juliette Bag -- 24" long. Might not be your style, but other colors may be available elsewhere online.

Piel: 43.5 linear inches (20" long), Leather Carpet Bag at 41 linear inches, or the Executive Overnighter at 39 linear inches.
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Might be a challenge to find a bag with all your qualifications - that much high quality leather can really jack up the price - but these bags seem kind of close, give or take a factor, and they're good brands in my experience:

Coach Chelsea satchel
Tory Burch Roslyn tote

Those might still not be big enough, but they're bigger than the Le Pliage. Also check the Oversized Bags sections at sites like Endless and Shopbop. You're bound to find more options than the two I listed above. Those are just brands I've used and liked!
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I see that Madamina has already recommended a few from ebags, but I'm going to suggest you check out their website and filter on your criteria. Here is a list of all women's laptop bags that are both leather and black. Lots of potential there.
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Oh, meant to add that in particular I like the look of this Piel model.
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OK, I'm going to channel my mother, so bear with me: You can not just keep adding to the load or you will diminish all style. No matter how great the bag, you will be schlepping. Edit!

The less structured the better so you can stuff stuff -- go for the slouchy tote shape, like Kate Spade's Gramercy Park Stevie. I think Kate Spade bags last forever, are cute, and the interior organization is excellent.

Consider -- don't flinch -- nylon if you must absolutely must tote every single thing. A giant leather bag is awfully heavy, awfully quick.
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I have a bag made by The Leather Store on Etsy, and the quality is excellent - her enormous slouchy bag (available in black, $145) looks like it might fit your criteria. I get compliments on my equally enormous yellow messenger all the time.
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As others have said, for something that will fit all the things you mention, you want something unstructured, as regular in shape as possible (e.g. not trapezoidal), and might want to consider materials other than leather.

Lodis might be a brand to consider in your price range - for example, the Pia Patent Nylon Perri Large Tote.

I have a friend who carries about the amount of stuff you mention in a Tod's G-Bag Easy Sacca Grande, but these bags are not regularly available and outside of your price range, especially in leather. Do note that while the dimensions may not seem very different from a Large Le Pliage, because the Tod's bag is rectangular in shape it fits a surprising amount of stuff.
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This question reminded me of a post I just saw at This bag is so large that the editor herself is able to get into it. It is not leather, and it's not what I would consider particularly stylish, but if you absolutely have to carry everything but the kitchen sink, apparently this is the bag to do it in.
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Check out the large Union Square Tote at Kairos Designs. I just got the medium (in Teal! so fun) and it fits my laptop + cables as well as a bunch of other stuff. I'm considering getting a large one as a weekend bag as they suggest.
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Gotta agree with thinkpiece; that's a lot of stuff to be hauling around, especially on a daily basis!

Penelope and Parker bags are pretty ginormous, though the prices skew towards and above the higher end of your range. If you can find it secondhand, I've used Hayden Harnett's Corcovado tote as an overnight bag and had room to spare. A baby/diaper bag might also work; Rebecca Minkoff's Knocked Up bag is currently on sale in your price range, but it's not available in black. Men's bags tend to be proportioned larger, like Jack Spade's Wayne or Coach's Thompson duffles.

The one thing I've found to be indispensable is a packable shopper with a zip top for any overflow, like Baggallini's zip-out shopping bag or bag in a pouch. You won't have to carry an oversized bag around every day, but you're still prepared for any edge cases.
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You want this bag. It's not all leather, but it's both super chic and super clever.

If you follow Lo & Sons on Facebook, you can periodically come across some excellent deals - I got my O.G. (which, honestly, makes me want to jet off somewhere fabulous every time I pass by it in the living room) for forty percent off through one such offer on A Cup of Jo.
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