What are examples of successful creative communities?
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I would like examples of successful digital movements, forums or communities built around a creative concern, be it professional or personal.

I'm interested in digital community building and would really like to see what you think are the best examples of awesome online/offline communities or services that have a practical element, somewhat like Metafilter except for professionally creative concerns.

Think a community of filmmakers who have a forum to discuss their niche or computer game designers who meet up and create three day Hackathons, or a network of freelance designers who meet to discuss job issues.

Anything would be appreciated, progressive and interesting solutions to problems is key.
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Austin Game Dev Beer Night went from "Hey Facebook friends, I got laid off and need to go have a drink, come with me!" to the current biweekly 100+ attendee network-a-thon. It's digital in that it's completely organized via Facebook, and was started basically out of two dudes's friends lists.

The Community Managers Group is a professional organization for community folks in the video game industry - there are forums, get-togethers at all the major conferences (and minor ones - it's sort of "whenever two of you are gathered together, you will drink beer and bitch about work") and, recently, a Summit with awards and whatnot. It's a great resource for networking, jobs, and problem-solving. (If you can't see any of the content on that page, let me know and I'll go bitch to management. I swear there used to be a public-facing landing page...)
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nerdNYC (which, disclaimer, I helped start but am no longer affiliated with) organizes various gaming shenanigans (RPG/board/tabletop) in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
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National Novel Writing Month has a huge online component and has spun off other projects like Script Frenzy.

I was at a conference last month where the creator of Parent Hacks gave a talk about the need for creating communities and why they're important.
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Ravelry for knitters, both professional and not. There are groups within Ravelry which include groups for designers, yarn dyers, handspinners, etc.

Over time, Ravelry has also more and more allowed designers to bring their wares to the public by offering downloadable pattern sale services at reasonable rates and recently allowing designers and local yarn stores to connect so that the yarn stores can purchase pattern rights through Ravelry to sell to their customers.
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