Est-ce possible (to subscribe abroad)?
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I'd like to subscribe to a French magazine, but I live in Wales. How can I do this?

The magazine in question is 'BAM – Basket News America', and I believe it comes out monthly. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone living in France well enough to request that they buy it and send it on.

Although my French isn't strong enough to comfortably hold a conversation with a newsagent, I do know some Francophones living in the UK who might be happy to do the speaking for me, if that helps.

Is there any way to do this? They don't seem to have a website.
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I tried a few French magazine subscription sites (which all seemed to use the same stock code, curiously) and several of them (e.g. 1, 2) seemed happy to deliver to the UK for a €10 surcharge.
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Looks like they do - I had a search using You can buy issues individually to read using an online reader. Here's a subscription page for BAM but I can't see an international rate (also, my French is crap so I might be missing it). But click on the abo/contact link and there's a contact link you could use to find out...
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Would this be it? They do have a subscription option if my French serves me.
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Yeah, looks like it's €4 cheaper to order a UK subscription directly from the magazine than the sites I linked to in my answer.
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Thank you very much, all! That was quick and hugely impressive. You're the best, metafilter.
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