how to register my iPad 2 IOS 5 in apple developer website?
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I am new to an apple developer website. I have register to a apple developer website and paid $99. I downloaded IOS 5 beta for iPad 2 GSM and iTunes Beta. After with all the downloads and installations, When I plug iPad to Itunes beta by wire, It says I have to register the device in apple developer site. I went to the site and tried everything to find a page where I can register the device and couldn't find it. Since I am new, please explain to me how to register my device in simple way thanks
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Login to the site here, then go to "iOS Provisioning Portal" at the top of the right-hand navigation, followed by "Devices" in the left-had menu (direct link). You can add your iPad's UDID there. There's an Apple support page here which will help you locate your iPad's UDID if you're stuck.
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Should i click upload device or add device?
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And how long will my devices be activated?
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I only need to register my device to be accepted in itunes beta and for use only and not to build an app for now.
Do I still need to create keychain certificate, apple ID and Provisioning Profile?
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I am pretty sure if you run XCode and open the organizer you can register your device for development there.
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Agree with neustile, using XCode Organizer (in Xcode menu bar, go to Window->Organizer). You should see your iPhone in the devices list. Select your iPhone and click the 'use for development' button. Hope that helps!
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