Need interior designer in Los Angeles
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Do you know of an interior designer in Los Angeles?

On the offhand chance the MetaFilter community, with its infinite contacts, knows of an awesome interior designer in Los Angeles, I'm posting this question. Price is not as much an issue as quality.

Related: If you don't know of an interior designer, how would you go about finding one? Have you ever had any experience working with one/advice to offer? How much do good ones generally charge?

I've got a 1,500 sq ft home that is in need of complete restoration, and furnishings.
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You could try Lori Dennis.
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check your MeFi Mail.
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Do you know of an interior designer in Los Angeles?

The response to this question is: "Who doesn't?". The response to that question is: "Somebody who has no affiliations with LA...because everybody in LA knows of a 'fantastic' interior designer."

Go to Santa a walk anywhere...main street, promenade, near the homeless shelters near the post office (near the bus depot and the main one), and you will see TONS of interior designers with shops that showcase their work.

How much do good ones generally charge?
Enough to make you want to convince everyone how great your interior designer is. Yes, that much. could try to grab one at or out of school.

Good luck.
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Apartment Therapy shows lot of homes and spaces, some of which are done by designers.
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If you need any doors or windows built--or anything involving metal and/or glass, I'd highly recommend contacting Tadeusz Torzecki. He just built some doors for a friend's loft and they are gorgeous. He also did the doors, benches, chairs, and bars in another friend's coffee bar. Fantastic welder and metal worker in Los Angeles. Here is his Facebook. Memail me if you want a phone number.
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Yes...this must seem like a silly question because I know Los Angeles is crawling with them. What I'm interested in is recommendations. I own a home in Laurel Canyon which I've rented out fully furnished for going on 13 years now. Meantime, I bought a farm in Southern Oregon, where I raised my family. There was a large loss fire with the last tenant, and now I have to restore the home top to bottom, plus replace my furnishings. Meanwhile, I've got a son in high school in Oregon, so unless I move back, I can't be here to supervise all the details, and am looking around for help. Having been gone for the better part of 15 years, I'm kinda out of the L.A. scene.
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I'd look on Apartment sometimes show their own places.
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