Help me stop things from flying out of a storage slot in my car.
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I recently installed a new stereo in my car. It's a single DIN stereo in a double DIN slot, so I now have a storage slot right above the stereo. However, it's made of a hard, slick plastic and anytime I turn the car or brake, whatever is in there can fly out. Does anyone have any ideas for a material or something I could put in there to provide a "grippy" or rubber-type surface that won't let stuff slip out? Amazon links or widely available products would be great. Thanks in advance.
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What about the nubbly rubbery sheets you put under rugs so they don't slide on the floor? would help if I could tell you what they're called. But they're...y'know. Nubbly. And rubbery.
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link to grip-it
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Get a nonslip dash mat - these things are magic!
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If it's a DIN or Half-DIN space, you can get something with a door for that. Go to a car stereo store, I'm sure they'll have something.
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The nubbly rubbery sheets that go under rugs or futons would work well (and you may have a corner you can trim at home). The silicon sticky dash pads work well too, but you have to clean them every so often by running water over them because dust makes them unsticky.
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Best answer: Old mouse pad?
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Love the mouse pad idea. I could cut it to size and double-side tape it in there. Also lots of rug mats in the house I hadn't thought of.
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How about the adhesive backed traction pads that snowboarders mount between their bindings? Some are flashy and bumpy but some are just like 1/8" thick foam.
Probably be perfect, I reckon.
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