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What's going on in Chicago this month?

My wife and I will be visiting Chicago this month from the afternoon of the 19th (Sunday) to the morning of the 22nd (Wednesday). It's our second visit to the city; the first time we did a lot of the traditional downtown architecture tourism, including a river tour, and also hit up a comedy club.

We liked both those things a lot and would definitely be up for variations on those themes; we also enjoy art, nature, history, literature/film/comics, geek culture, and delicious vegetarian food. What do you think we should we do?

Our hotel is across the street from Grant Park. We'll have a rental car.

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I recommend to people, if they like to walk, to stroll up Michigan Avenue to the Drake Hotel and take the underpass there that brings you up to the lakefront and our famous Oak Street beach.
You will find several paths to walk north . The multi use bike trail is a little busy but you can walk on the concrete area next to it right by the water up to the chess pavillion at North Avenue.
From there you can walk west to Clark street (4 blocks) to the History Museum and, on the way, check out the old mansions on the streets of the Gold Coast area.
After the Museum you can walk north on Clark and you will find many good restaurants en route such as the Indian Grill, Basil Leaf, Las Tarascas, etc. You can look them up on Yelp for reviews.
You can go up to Diversey (2800 north) or cut over east to the Lincoln Park walking trail.
Its a great area and runs by the Lincoln Park Zoo - all heading back south downtown.
For a special treat you could go to the North Pond Cafe in the Park. Its on a lagoon and very lovely plus the food is supposed to be good (try Yelp again.)
That would be nice at twilight.
If you get tired walking you can hop a cab and head back south to the Loop area at any time.
Lincoln Park is the name of the park and,also, the neighborhood where there is a lot to do.
Word of caution: check the local papers, Chicago Sun Times or Chicago Tribune before you arrive as we have been having some problems lately with "thug mobs" attacking people in touristy/downtown/near north areas. They seem to be after IPhones and IPods, mainly. The cops are patroling for them now and the problem may be eliminated soon but I would keep such gadgets far away from public sight.
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Blues Fest! (downtown)

If on Sunday you can get up to North Center, Ribfest will still be going on, and oh man is it delicious.
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Bluesfest is this weekend, I think you'll miss it (along with Ribfest and the Ribmania eating contest, sadly). Fiesta Puertorriquenas (Puerto Rican Festival in Humbolt Park) ends on the 19th. It has live music, carnival games and Puerto Rican food. Taste of Randolf will be going on through the 19th... mid-week it's a bit tougher for festivals.

An overlooked art museum is the Mexican Museum of Art in Pilsen (which is a neighborhood with great murals). Walking along the lakeshore (follow the Lakefront Bike Trail but don't walk in the way of bikes) is great for views of the city. There are also bike rental shops around the lake if you want to ride a few miles along the lake. I find Hyde Park quite charming and easy to get to if you have a car. It's a neighborhood that most tourists probably don't make it to.
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Best answer: If you're going to Hyde Park, of course go to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Walk through Grant Park, south to the Museum Campus, and out along Solidarity Dr. to Northerly Island Park for nature and more great city views. Be sure to check out the park field house; it used to be the airport terminal for Meigs Field.

The Chicago Reader and Time Out Chicago will have info on music, galleries, film, theater, etc.

This looks like an interesting concert in Millennium Park on your Monday. It's free.

Chicago Comics is the best comic book store. The same people own Quimby's in Wicker Park. Both areas have scads of interesting stores.

Vegetarian or V-friendly food: Northdown Cafe, Pick Me Up Cafe, Handlebar, Mana Food Bar, Urban Vegan, Nhu Lan, Chicago Diner, Dragonlady Lounge, Rodan, Sticky Rice, Heartland, Soul Vegetarian East, Karyn's Raw, Karyn's Cooked, Karyn's on Green, Irazu, Green Zebra, Flo, Lula Cafe, Ethiopian Diamond, Hema's Kitchen.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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