Diabetes, PCOS *and* Thyroid doc in NY?
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Recommendations for an excellent endocrinologist in new york?


I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in '08. While I'm a conscientious type with a pump, cardiologist dad, diabetic sibling, an encyclopedic knowledge of carb counts, ratios and glucose metabolism, my control has never been great. This has baffled me and my family, but my endo has tended to chalk my numbers up to the learning curve, and keep sending me to educators, to no avail.

We've systematically checked my ratios. I have random highs which don't follow a pattern, but since I am not a candidate for insulin resistance, we hadn't looked into it. However, I've just been dx'ed with PCOS (insulin resistance is part of this). I apparently may also be hypothyroid, pending more lab work. She left me on birth control, which is making me sick as a dog and more insulin resistant.

I need to find an endo in NYC who can empathetically work with me on the diabetes as well as PCOS and/or thyroid issues. It is imperative that this person be knowledgeable enough about insulin-dependent diabetes to be able to interpret blood results through this lens, however they need not be a specialist in Type 1. Ideally I'd like a physician who is willing to experiment with treatments (I'll leave it to the doc, but metformin? thyroid hormone? Idk!) until we succeed, rather than act holier-than-thou and uber conservative.

Many, many thanks in advance! If you have any experiences to share regarding this issues, it'd be great to hear about them, regardless of where you are.
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You might have some luck with Terry F Davies.
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