Where did this single-serving-food website go?
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Back in 2008 or 2009, I found a website that sold just, like, single-serving food and condiment items. For example, sachets of ketchup, mustard, mayo, and relish, or those mini bottles of Tabasco, or ketchup-style packets of Tapatio. Everything was sold by the each—I think the Tapatio packet was something like ten cents per. The selection was astounding. I've since tried to search for it a few times with no luck. Maybe it's gone forever. Maybe I dreamed it. Or maybe you've seen it, too, and remember what the heck it's called!
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Best answer: Is it www.minimus.biz
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Best answer: I think this minimus.biz is the site you're talking about... Hot sauce is 9 cents.

Even if this isn't the exact same site you're looking for, its still pretty cool :)
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Response by poster: Wow! This looks like a winner! You guys are awesome.
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Minimus is seriously one of my favorite sites on the planet. :) I've ordered from there a bunch of times and they have great customer service.
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Oh, this is fun. It's like the Anti-Costco.
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