Like Queer Eye, but just the hair.
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Need recommendations for men's hair stylist in San Francisco/ East Bay Area. My SO's much younger brother is staying with us for the summer. He has terrible hair- thin, fine, and yet somehow wiry. Tendency to do weird spiky things. Help us help him get a decent haircut.

Ideally, this person would be able to look at the shape of his head, the texture of his hair, and come up with something really flattering. We're willing to spring for something expensive to get it right- then we can take pictures that he can then show to a new stylist to duplicate when he goes back to school.

My SO usually just goes to a no-frills $10 haircut kind of place, and that works for him, but apparently he got better hair genes than his brother.
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rari at vierra & friends, corner of carl & cole. accessible via n-judah. $50, i think.
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I've been having very good luck with Brian at Oxenrose, in Hayes Valley. It's the first haircut I've ever had that *really* works with the texture of my hair. And it usually runs only $30-35.

I'm a girl, though. But there always seem to be lots of guys in the salon.
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In the East Bay, I've been happy with Tresca at Alexander Pope (on College Ave. in Rockridge). She charged $42 last time I was there.
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We've used Kol Yim for years. In fact, we even kept going to her for 5 years after moving to Sacramento. Our friends thought we were insane for traveling 2 hours each way for a freaking haircut, but she's worth it.

She works out of a shop at 25th and Irving in the City.

(415) 595-0766

klyim2002 at yahoo dot com

Tell her Rob and Kelley sent you.
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I'm a big fan of Addy for Hair on Sutter.
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If money is not an object then you can check Sinta(sp?) Salon around Union Square.

I go to On Mars around Haight and Fillmore. Describe the hair type and someone there should be able to help you.
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I think it's "Cinta," in case you're trying to Google it. Or even just look it up in the phone book, I guess.
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