Know any good opera blogs?
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Can anyone recommend a good opera blog? Opera the art form, I mean, not opera the browser.
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Best answer: Check the 'colleagues' sidebar on Parterre Box (and Parterre itself of course for the latest gossip!
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(Disclaimer: I know the author.) Likely Impossibilities is great, full of reviews and gossip and pictures and all that good stuff.
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I highly recommend Yankee Diva, the blog by mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato (she originally started it on blogspot but has since moved it to her official website -- the older posts have comments at the blogspot blog). It's one of the links in Parterre's "colleagues" sidebar.

DiDonato's posts are pretty interesting and are very much about the life of an international opera singer; she often discusses singing (e.g. techniques, learning roles and music, approaches to different composers and operas), production aspects, working with other folks (e.g. conductors, composers, singers, instrumentalists, stage/production staff, recording technicians...), traveling, etc.

She also shares photos on her Flickr account; it has lots of wonderful behind-the-scenes opera/classical music-centric pictures, some of which are featured in her blog entries. And she's recorded some video blog posts (including interviews, and a few where she answers questions from her blog readers).
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I'm not an opera fan but I wrote a story about the Operagasm blog, which was started by some music students at the university where I work.
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