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What's the best way to unlock & jailbreak an Iphone 3G (v.3.13) for use in Europe?

I'm traveling to Italy next week and was planning to rent a phone there. But I have an Iphone 3G in my desk that I'm not using. It has no SIM card b/c I upgraded to an iPhone 4.

How can I best unlock the 3G so I can use a rented SIM card in it when I get to Europe?

I once tried to unlock it using SnowBreeze/BlackSnow and was unsuccessful, almost bricking the phone. Is is best to buy commercial unlock software? Links and advice please!
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I recently unlocked an iPhone 3G by updating the newest firmware and then using Red Snow to jailbreak. Unfortunately, that meant replacing the baseband with the hackable iPad version which makes the GPS a little weird and may have some battery life implications. Overall, however, it worked very well.

Since you're still on an old firmware, you might be able to update to the last version with a legit, unlockable baseband (4.01?) then creating a custom IPSW that only updates the software and not the baseband.

Have you tried the tutorials at iClarified?
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Actually, if you can update to one of the early iOS 4 versions with the PDF exploit you can use jailbreakme.com and ultrasnow from cydia - that's about as easy as it gets.
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These are the websites I'd recommend to figure out jailbreaking and unlocking your device: Can I Unlock My iPhone? (pretty much an official site) and iPhone Download Blog's unlock guides (unofficial, but usually fairly reasonable).
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Use the official legacy torrent from the Dev-team loacated on this page. Read the instructions carefully. It is the safest and most reliable method.

You will also need the 3.13 3G Apple Firmware located here

A step by step guide can be found here
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