Waiting for MRI results...
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YANMD filter: what could a "lesion on my left fibular region" be? Google scares me.

Background: I started running in March 2010. Dealt with ITBS (fixed by PT), PF (fixed by running through it), and was felled about eight weeks ago by what I THOUGHT was shin splints or maybe a stress fracture. (Though the idea of a sfx didn't make sense, since I didn't do anything to prompt one.) Couldn't run more than a few blocks without 2 Advil well before the run.

Went for an X-ray two weeks ago. No stress fracture that they could see, though there was an unidentified "lesion" on my left fibula, near where the pain is. The doctor thought it might possibly be a benign (?) tumor, or lesion of some sort.

I went for an MRI yesterday, but, inexplicably, the doctor's office laughed at me when I called today for the results, and said to try back in at least three days.

Three more days = forever.

Anyone have any idea what this MIGHT be? The pain is completely gone since I've been on rest, and I'd really like to go out running this week, but don't want to wait for the MRI results? Am I being a moron? Running is my primary way to cope with depression, and the last three weeks have sucked, big time.
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I went through something similar and was eventually diagnosed as a "bone island". It is a benign area of overgrown bone. Any abnormality on a MRI or x-ray can be called a lesion. To me "lesion" is a scary word and I was completely freaked out. Good luck!
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I got a stress fracture last fall from running. After the initial x-ray, my orthopedist said, "you have an abnormality of the bone, but I don't think it's cancer." I was completely taken aback, as I'd gone in there wondering if I had runner's knee and the possibility of bone cancer had not even been on my radar. But, the point is, stress fractures are so small that they can't really tell what's going on from an x-ray. I had to be sent for an MRI, and that's what they used to ultimately ID the issue as a stress fracture.

Don't freak out until you get those MRI results. And don't run until you find out what's going on.
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IANAD IANYD. When I was 12, I was having crazy shin-splint like pains in my left leg. X-rays and MRI's revealed what my doctors called a tumor. I was a little to young to know what that meant, but my parents were obviously freaking out.

I had surgery to remove this tumor- mine was large enough to require a bone graft. The biopsy revealed it to be a Non-Ossifying Fibroma on my left tibia. Essentially, an area of my bone that never bothered to turn into actual bone. It was just hanging out, growing as my leg grew, but staying as a sort of proto bone.

Mine was benign. Overall though, a pretty stressful experience. Best wishes.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far.

I forgot to add that I was born with central muscular hyptonia, and don't know if that could possibly be related.
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Hmmm. That should be "a little too young..."
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Best answer: I can't tell you what it might be, but I want to say emphatically that there is no reason to be freaked out by their use of the word "lesion." The medical definition is "any pathological or traumatic discontinuity of tissue or loss of function of a part." Doctors use that word very, very broadly. A bruise is a lesion; a stiff neck is a lesion. A hangnail is a lesion (really). IANAD, but a doctor told me exactly that, as I was freaking out over a LESION! on my xray that was just a funny little bump on my bone just like the funny little bump on my nose. Sometimes I think they just enjoy scaring us.

If running makes it hurt more, and rest makes the hurt go away, it seems like you shouldn't be running til you get it sorted.
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Sesamoid bone?
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IANYD, but the most common ones I see on x-rays are bone islands or bone cysts, totally benign although if you get a large enough bone cyst, it could make it easier to break the bone if you put stress on it.
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