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Please suggest ways to make the most of a mostly-dormant Kindle.

I'd like to get the most out of my Kindle 3 book reader. Right now, it is gathering dust while I use Kindle clients on other platforms. If you have tips and tricks that work for you that maximize its usability, including document management tools, fair-use measures for backing up ebooks, hacking firmware to do other things, etc. I'd love to hear them.
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Calibre software works great for managing ebooks. Handles coversion and transfer to the Kindle. It can automatically load the Kindle with news/feeds. It is updated very frequently.

Apprentice Alf is a solid source for information on ebooks and DRM.
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This post from Electric Pig might be of interest. It has tips on hacks like installing Linux on your Kindle and using your own fonts instead of the pre-installed ones.
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I've posted it before, but in Chrome there's a kindle extension that enables you to click a button to send a long web article onto your kindle as a separate "book". At this point my kindle is basically the world's most awesome magazine.
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To me, getting the most out of the Kindle when you're using the Kindle apps on other devices means figuring out what the Kindle does well that other devices don't. But the Kindle isn't a very economic back-up hard drive or document manager. A thumb drive is cheaper, a rooted nook tablet is much more flexible.

For me, the Kindle excels at being a single-use machine. That is, there's no "ding" when a new email comes in or I get a text message from a friend, and the sheer familiarity of its UI doesn't make me check the latest posts on Facebook.

I pick up my Kindle to read books and longer articles I've saved on Instapaper. It fits in my pocket (or a pocket of any of my bags), it's light, and I can get the next book on my reading list ready to read in less than a minute.
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I gave my Kindle away when I switched to reading on the iPad client. Now that Kindle gets a whole lot of use.
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Did you know that you can send yourself documents via email?

I email with whatever I want to read and they magically show up on the device.

The extension that @stupidsexyFlanders mentioned looks interesting too.
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Sign up for Delivereads. The content is interesting enough, free, and automatically delivered that I now take my kindle out with me more.

On a Sunday afternoon take only your kindle (leave the ipad behind) to a cafe/bar, grab a pint and sit outside and read with no glare, distractions, or worries about your battery draining.
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