On-Spot Recording/Transcription
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Are there any apps or tech that transcribes recordings into words immediately.

I record an outlaw Armenian sourdough breadmaker and then transcribe the words by ear. Would like to make it quick, easy and get more done.
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No, the nearest you can get is by shadowing a recording with software like Dragon Naturally Speaking. Natural speech in an uncontrolled environment is too hard for anything to process properly except for human brains.
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What about speech-to-text software like Google Voice? Can you sign up for a Google Voice phone number, then call that number so it goes to voicemail, and record the guy basically leaving very long voice mails? The transcription wouldn't be perfect but it might not be terrible. Also, I have a Sprint cell plan and my phone is always trying to sell me a similar service -- automatically send me voicemails as text emails or something like that...
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Dragon Dictation on the iPhone does this, but it's a bit finicky and won't be great in loud environments, or with a strong accent.
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