Hello, Pete!
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Have you heard "Hello, Pete!" used as an exclamation?

My seventy-one year old Southern (American) boss is always saying, "Hello, Pete!" in a context in which most people would say something like, "Dang!" or "Jesus!" (Example: "Hello, Pete! It's hot outside today!") I've googled and this does not seem to be something the internet has heard of.

Was this a common slang term at some point? Is it a regional thing? I'm not from the South (we live in North Carolina) but I have also not heard anyone else here use this expression.
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i haven't, but when i visited my grandfather (Roy) in Georgia recently, i noted that the majority of his friends and family called him Pete for no discernable reason.
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Sounds like something he made up. Probably based on St. Peter, as in: you're dead and at the pearly gates.
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Like "Zounds!" originated as a way to not say the mild blasphemy "God's wounds!" (referring to Jesus on the cross), and "Sheesh!" and "Jeez!" avoid saying "Jesus!", and "Shostakovitch!" to avoid saying "shit", this is probably a euphemism for the mild blasphemy "Hell".
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Well "For Pete's Sake" is a pretty standard idiom, I'd imagine this could be an extension of that. As 2bucks said that's from St. Peter

Sounds like invoking Pete does have some idiomatic history

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My grandmother in law says "Well for the love of Mike!"

Kinda unrelated.
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For the Love of Pete seems to be an easier idiom to Google.
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Are you sure he's not saying "Holy Pete"?
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No, he's definitely saying "hello."
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Maybe it's a take on "Hello, nurse!"
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According to Urban Dictionary, an individual may use this phrase when s/he passes gas loudly. Saying, "Hello, Pete!" apparently shifts the blame and incites confusion.

Tl;dr -- Your boss may be actually be a flatulence ninja.
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Hello, Pete!

*may actually be
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People make up all kinds of nonsensical exclamations. I know someone who says, "Shut the door!" when she hears something exciting or unbelievable.
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Yes, I've heard the expression all my life. The way it is spoken around these parts is more like, "Hell - o - Pete!" Google it that way and you will get a few hits.
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Just checking: is your name Pete?
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Also perhaps related is Geez-o-Pete, which is apparently a Michigan thing.
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