Why does my mac wake up randomly from sleep?
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My mac wakes up randomly from sleep in the middle of the night. Why? (Question 2: My mac beeps once at 1:30pm and I think 4:30pm. Whats with that?)

2x 1.25 GHz G4, Mirrored Door Drive. Running Tiger. Had the same problems in Panther, and I think 10.2.

I thought it was my USB hub, but I replaced it a year ago, and there was no change.
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Check in System Preferences --> Energy Saver --> Schedule --- you don't have it set to wake up, do you?
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And under System Preferences > Software Update you don't have "Check for updates:" set for Daily do you? (actually I'm not sure if that setting would actually rouse your Mac out of sleep, but you might just check)

Alternatively, I assume you don't have a cat or you would've mentioned it. Cats love keyboards and, being somewhat nocturnal, have a tendency to go all crazy Mavis Beacon style whenever they feel like it. (thus waking the Mac from sleep)
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Not sure, but might the beeping have something to do with the cron routines running? I believe they are scheduled to run sometime throughout the early mornings...provided you don't allow your drive to sleep, of course.
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What USB gadgets do you have plugged in? A dodgy one can wake your Mac at any time. Try unplugging everything and see if it still happens.
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what does crontab -l show for various users?
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Are you on a busy network? Might be worth turning wake-on-lan off (also in energy preferences, called "ethernet administrator").

It could also be something less preventable. During the winter I usually discharge a major static shock by tapping my keys (so it doesn't hurt me) to my door knob. Oddly enough this would wake my old iMac up from clear across the room. Perhaps theres some unfortunate radio interference in your area that just happens to wake it up? (Granted, the beeping you mention probably rules this out entirely.)
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Keep in mind launchd is starting to replace crontab in OS X.4 (Tiger). If you check your crontabs, also check your $HOME/.launchd.conf and your /etc/launchd.conf.
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