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I need to find inexpensive long term storage for some furniture in the Seattle area.

My wife and I have to store a large table and six chairs (a 5x10 storage unit would be enough for this) somewhere in the Seattle area, with at least humidity control. We're probably able to arrange for it to be transported to the storage area, but the table is ... not very portable. I've seen the storage at, but it's pretty pricey in my opinion ($75/month was the best I saw) and with its shiny web site I suspect it's slightly overpriced.

What's a good option for long term storage? I'll have to store this for at least a year, possibly four.
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$75 a month is about half of what I've seen for 5x10 spaces within the Seattle city limits (that's definitely the case for the 5x10 space that I rented in Ballard a few years ago). I can't speak for Public Storage in particular though.

I suspect that you're encountering a supply/demand issue - Seattle spaces are likely to be far more costly than a less crowded area. If this is longer term storage without a need for regular access, have you considered looking in one of the nearby suburbs or cities? Might be less expensive.
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