Does cat poop make good fertilizer?
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Cat poop. Does it make good fertilizer?

I've got heaps.
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Not for food gardens, due to the possiblity of toxoplasmosis contamination of the veggies. (And no, compost heaps don't get hot enough to kill toxo eggs.) Probably OK for flowers although I'm not sure what its nitrogen or potassium content is compared to cow poop. Also, it'll attract every stray cat in the neighborhood.
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There is a risk of parasite eggs/cysts contaminating food plants unless the cat poo is composted in a high-temperature heap.

If you're not putting it on the vegetable patch it's probably ok.

You may find that uncomposted poo of any kind is just too strong for many plants. I'd mix it in with other stuff in the compost bin.
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Everything I've ever seen on the subject says definitely not. I think the only excrements that are good fertilizers come from vegetarian types - cows, horses, hippies, etc.
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Cat poop. Does it make good fertilizer?

Sure it does, if your cat's a vegan :) If your cat chews meeces to pieces (or eats prepared catfood or meat), then no. Treat cat poop like people poop.
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A tremendously bad idea. Domestic animal feces contain a lot of organisms and parasites that can be harmful to humans -- think the bevy of worms that you vaccinate your dog/cats for alone. Specifically with cat feces, there's always a chance of Toxoplasmosis, which can cause birth defects in pregnant women. And this can be transferred if you put it on grass, use it in flower or vegetable gardens or consume the produce of said gardens.

In fact, cat feces should be flushed, or disposed of in a tied up plastic bag, away from possible human contact. You really don't want it hanging around even in the litter box.
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nw: a well constructed heap can reach 70C which is enough for toxo - particularly since it's for an extended period. I must admit yer average pile of leaves isn't going to make it though.
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OK, I agree with everyone else, it's not a good idea.
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what everybody said, especially jerseygirl: bad idea
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I suppose this means that one shouldn't mulch their bodies into the garden, either.
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