Best way to prepare a rooted cellphone for its new owner?
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I have one of the first Android cellphones that I recently rooted using SuperOneClick so that I could install Wireless Tether. I did not install a new ROM. I now want to sell this phone and I'm wondering, if I perform a factory reset, will that "unroot" it also? I'd like to advertise the phone as being rooted and having Wireless Tether on it, but I also need to remove all the personal info stored on it. What is the best way to keep it rooted but also wipe out all my stored passwords, pictures, etc. ? If it matters, it's a Tmobile MyTouch 3G. Thanks in advance!
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Wipe it and install the latest Cyanogenmod, which is supported on your phone. Having Gingerbread 2.3 preinstalled is a good selling point.
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Wipe it and use SuperOneClick and Wireless Tether again after all personal info is gone.
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Looks like there is an instructional video on unrooting your MyTouch -- looks like a relatively simple process, too!
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...By which I mean, what if you unrooted it, did a factory restore/wipe, and then rooted it again?
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You don't need to unroot it if you're doing a factory reset. I think it does depend on how you do it, though--are you planning on reflashing back to stock using an, or does the MyTouch have some kind of internal ROM backup?
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In any case, make sure you let it "wipe data" (it may ask) when you reflash.
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