What professional certifications/licenses should I be studying for?
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What professional certifications/licenses should I be studying for?

I am in the fortunate position of having a professional expenses/continuing education budget of $2500/year as well as frequent periods of downtime at my office that I can use to study. Rather than buy expensive treatises on particular areas of law, I'd like to have something I can point to as a mark of expertise (i.e., stick it on my resume).

I'm starting my third year as an attorney and working in-house dealing with all sorts of international trade/commercial transaction matters. To qualify, the courses should have a reasonable relationship to my work.

So far this year:
-I'm currently studying for the United States Customs Broker Exam
-I'm giving strong consideration to studying for the Certified Documentary Credit Specialist exam as well.
The above, plus my yearly bar dues, pretty much eat up this year's budget.

But what should I be considering for next year? Mind you, I'm living overseas and I'm pretty much chained to my desk. Any course I take would have to be either online or using textbooks, but assume that I can travel to take the actual exam itself.

Any and all ideas are welcome!!
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Mediation and/or arbitration. There's a ton of money in this, particularly in the international context. Get in touch with the USCIB and see about getting dispute resolution experience. A good place to start would be taking a particular state's civil mediator exam.

I'm assuming at this point that you are an American attorney, despite your location. If not, still look into dispute resolution, but I have no specific suggestions.
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Yes ... mediation and arbitration for the win.

Ton of money in it, and knowing the mechanism is useful if your clients ever need to participate in one.
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Also found out recently that CFA exams, as well as NASAA Series 65 and 66 exams could also be good ideas.
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