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How do I find freelance web designers who will create a website for me similar to these ones: Also, how much does it typically cost to hire someone to do this??
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There are many of us on mefi. Try posting to mefi jobs. :)

The cost depends on the developer and your exact needs. If you want a slapdash job, probably a couple hundred. If you want it done well, the sky is the limit (but 3,000 to 15,000 is likely your expected price range). Whether you want someone to help you plan the site. Content strategy, come up with an editorial plan that jives with your existing brand or new branding, copy editing, new artwork, photography, how reasonable of a client you are, and many other factors will affect the price and efficacy of your website. Oftentimes, a cheap website will get you what you think you need and looks good; but spending more with someone who takes an effort to figure out exactly what you need (not to be confused with what you want) will often get you a more effective site that is more useful for you and those that visit the site.
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If the owner of payed more than $1000 they got seriously ripped off. Honestly 1k would be a ton depending on whether they designed "the art". It's a 1-page site with no content, just links to facebook, youtube, etc, and a download link.

The caldecott site is a lot more involved and probably cost more. How much it cost, I couldn't wager. These things usually cost much more than you think they will, unless you get someone cheap, who will probably not do as good of a job as you think they should.
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