Father-Daughter Mexico Vacation
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Help me plan a relaxing Father-Daughter vacation in Mexico during the second half of July.

My dad and I are both in need of a vacation, and he has generously offered to take me to Mexico for up to two weeks. We went to Tulum last year and enjoyed it very much; he got to enjoy the all-inclusive resort, and I got to visit the ruins, the beaches and the markets.

My uncle recently stayed at a hotel in Cozumel; my dad heard it was beautiful and now wants to stay there. I'm pretty lukewarm on that idea, after reading Mefites' comments on the touristy-ness of Cozumel, and might try to convince him to instead go for Isla Mujeres or Puerto Morelos (both of which I found out about on AskMe. Thanks guys!).

Here are our combined wishlists:
-Dad: nice hotel where we can enjoy the beach, some good food and drinks, and relax in an indoor lounge on too-hot days. He generally likes all-inclusives. It should be within an hour of an international airport (we're flying in from Montreal).

-Me (24 year-old woman): interesting places to visit; nearby town or city where I'll be able to walk around, eat in restaurants and maybe go dancing with my Grade 9 Spanish; tourists are fine, but I'd like to go to Mexico and not feel like I stayed somewhere in the US (see: Playa del Carmen). Wireless Internet is a must for both of us (we'll both be working a few hours a day, even on our vacation).

So, Metafilter, where should we stay? Budget is pretty flexible.

(Bonus points for ways to make it clear to strangers that my 54 year-old father is not my date, that can get awkward very quickly!)
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go to isla
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E'l es mi padre. (I'm on my smartphone and can't type in the code for the accent).
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on the date thing - when i was 13 (looked 16-18) and my dad was 33, we weren't able to convince anyone that i wasn't his girlfriend, i don't even think the border guards believed us until they saw our papers. it's pretty much a losing battle. we never actually saw it matter to anyone but us, though - so my suggestion is to basically ignore it.
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I love Isla Mujeres - I think it would fit your requirements well. Don't miss the turtle sanctuary, and be sure to go snorkelling
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