How do I do the smog test to register my California car out of state?
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For the California folks: I go to school out of state, and I accidentally let my vehicle registration expire. I'm trying to figure out how I can get it done quickly and remotely. My primary concern is the smog test - I'm due for one this year. Searching the internet has given me mixed responses, with some saying you have to go back to CA to get smog tests, and others saying you can waive it in absentia. I need to drive as soon as possible, so I'd really appreciate a prompt response! Thanks!
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I can't answer the smog question but I do know that paying the liscense and registration fees ASAP will stop any further penalties.
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According to this site, you don't need the test if the vehicle is out of state. You just have to fill out a "Statement of Facts" form (linked there) and mail it in with your renewal.
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I'm out of state, and recently submitted the form to waive my smog test when I re-registered my vehicle.
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I sucked it up and got an Iowa license instead of driving back to LA.
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I have a friend who has maintained his CA registration (we're in MA) for over 4 years without returning the car to California. He says he somehow indicates on the renewal forms that the car is not in the state. You might have to use the Miscellaneous Statement of Fact form (search the DMV site for it).

Why don't you call their help line? It will take an age to get through but at least you'll get definitive answers.
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