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Where can I purchase customized home tables/desks like this (pic 1 / pic 2) in a "L" corner shape? I want to customize it so that one side is longer than the other. I also need it to have an open back like in the pictures (at least on the longer side) to allow for built in cabinets to open underneath where it will go.

I'm primarily looking for online stores but I am in NYC if there are any local options.

Aesthetically I am looking for something that looks more like a home table as opposed to a customized office cubicle desk but I fear that the latter may give me more size flexibility. I'm not too budget sensitive.
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If custom-built is what you need, any custom cabinet shop should be able to handle this easily. It's sort of like a kitchen countertop, but built more rigidly (perhaps plywood instead of particle board) so it can span longer distances between supports. Legs are almost certainly ordered from a catalog and screwed on.
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That looks like it might be just Ikea Vika, right out of the box.
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I have done the exact same thing, often, at IKEA. You can buy the Curry legs in various heights and the Galant or Vika table tops in varying lengths and get pretty much the perfect L-shaped desk arrangement. They come in different colours and finishes including wood veneers. We are currently using a white one with silver legs as a dining table; how officey they are is more about their context, IMHO.
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I am using Gallant for my 94"x24" home office desk. Granted you wanted L-shaped, but the sales associate whom I asked about such a long and narrow desk showed me the L-shaped version and sold me one extra metal joining part, minus the curved center part, plus legs. He even literally drew me a picture of how to adapt the parts. So yeah, Ikea is adaptable.
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Levenger has a modular desk system that does what you want and allows you to add drawers, keyboard trays, and such or not as your needs dictate. I have had one in my home office for about 7 years now and have been happy with it. We got some other modular office furniture from a company called Storehouse, but they went through bankruptcy a while back and their website is non-functional, so I don't know if they are still around.
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Since you say you're not too price sensitive, check out Room and Board's Parsons L-shaped desk. It has nine size options, it looks like 20 surface options.
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