Condo/Homeowner Portal?
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Free software or Wordpress variation for a condo association?

We just started our condo association and are looking for a way to communicate to members, make documents available (not a problem if the general public can see them), and (this is where it strays from a regular Wordpress instance) have a forum for discussion and or classifieds, or allow for voting up/down ideas.

We don't want to pay a monthly fee, so a Wordpress theme or template seems like an obvious choice, maybe Google Groups would be another option. Ideally we'd like something cloud based, but if there's an option with a rich feature set we'd look at hosted solutions.
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Have you looked at or might that be doing too much?

The bbPress plugin for WordPress has an ETA of end of June if nothing else comes to mind before then:
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Whatever you choose, be prepared to keep up with security updates or choose a provider that handles all that for you. One of our local nonprofits recently switched to a CMS and is now hosting malware. :(
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