Clothing for overweight men in the capital of Europe
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Can anyone recommend some good, relatively cheap places for an overweight fellow to get clothing in Brussels?

I am looking for clothing, specifically casual short-sleeved shirts, which will fit me. I am a "2XL" in American sizes (19" collar) but a 3XL (largest size) shirt at the C&A on Rue Neuve did not fit. I would like something in the range of €20 per shirt, nothing fancy. I have seen that there are some places on Avenue Louise (Mooxx, High and Mighty, Gulliver) but I am worried they will be too expensive. If you know otherwise, do say so. I have also seen the website for Big and Tall in Turnhout, which is 3 hours away and expensive (€50 for a shirt!).

I would prefer a brick-and-mortar store, so I can try things on.

Would I be better served just going to a department store like C&A or Inno and trying to special-order something?

Thanks for your help.
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