Here's $5. Let me crash with you!
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I love What websites would you recommend where you can stay with people in their homes, in exchange for a little bit of money - specifically, for England, Scotland and Ireland?

I'm going to be in London for two weeks taking a class and traveling around the other areas for the rest of the time in August. I've found, looking for recommendations of good, trustworthy sites.

Thanks so much!!!
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airbnb has some listings.
posted by backwards guitar at 8:57 AM on May 26, 2011 [3 favorites] has recently launched and is meant to be the equivalent to airbnb for Europe. Never used it or even looked at the site until I grabbed that link. But it's been getting some press coverage.
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I think Gumtree has some listings, although couchsurfing is less well known here outside of the Aussie community.

As it sounds like you do this a lot, I don;t need to remind you to avoid listings like these!
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A friend of mine started Global Freeloaders and I think it's pretty awesome.
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I used to use Hospitality Club fairly often traveling in Europe (as well as Global Freeloaders, which had a rougher interface but for some reason friendlier hosts!). I haven't investigated either in several years, and pretty much exclusively use Couchsurfing these days. An older equivalent, pre-internet, is Servas. It's membership-based, and in the past you'd get a booklet listing potential hosts' contact info and a few details about the setting/their ages/interests..
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