Mousetraps are working, so how do I get the smell of dead rodents out of my sink cabinet
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Dead rodents in every mousetrap in an area with water damage = how to get the smell out?

Fighting rodent invasion into my kitchen. The latest front in the war is that they chewed a new hole in through the area under the kitchen sink. After 2 months of sitting around empty, all 4 traps under my sink have caught 5 critters (one trap was a two-fer). I've ignored the traps recently because I thought the kitchen was cleared. Open the cabinet tonight to check on a water damage issue and found Rodent Guernica under my sink.

The exterminator will be coming out tomorrow to remove the traps and identify/close up the new hole. But in the meanwhile, how the Hell to get the smell out of the area? They'd chewed through the dishwasher during another incursion, so there's water damage (I'm also in the middle of dealing with my home owner's insurance policy holder investigating the damage before approving replacement/repairs). Opening up the cabinet after a couple days of mouldering critters in a water damaged area, there's now a funky smell in the kitchen. While I'm waiting for my insurance company to green light the repairs and remove that whole section, I'm wondering what I can do to keep the smell at bay. Right now there's Damp Rid, fans and keeping the window open. But opening up the door definitely released the smell into the general area and I'd like to keep it from getting any more funky before the repairs happen.
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Response by poster: Oh and are others dealing with an El NiƱo related boom in the local critter population? Besides Norwegian Roof Rats and Field Mice trying to get into the house (and getting into the bag of cat food in the garage), I've had to trap 3 skunks in my backyard. This is a crazy population boom for a neighborhood that usually sees a random possum or deer passing through.
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A bit of prevention is to check the traps regularly and dispose of the corpses immediately after discovery.
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We found a spray (I think at Home Depot) called Pure Citrus. It's been great for combating diaper pail smell. It's supposed to be natural, no chemicals, and effective at fighting all kinds of odors. A period shot of that into the air might help. It comes in a variety of scents...we like the orange.
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After trying many different commercially available sprays, I have found what I believe to be the most effective one (and-bonus-the one with the strangest name):



It has been magic for me in helping with not only the inevitable issues that arise with multiple cats, but also with small child spills/smells. I have used it for years. It's not cheap but it WORKS.

Good luck with your rodent invasion!
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We've had great luck with Simple Solution (found at pet stores like Petsmart, Petco, etc). Nature's Miracle is also good. Use either of these full strength if you have to.

I'm also fond of Odo-Ban (sold in Home Depot and Sam's stores). Has a nice eucalyptus aroma.
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Response by poster: Yep, I am now back to checking daily. Who knew there'd be a second wave of mice who managed to chew a new hole and were somehow more willing to take trap bait? Finally got the new holes ID'd and closed, but there was a run of 4 days where I swear they were jumping into the traps every 2-3 hours.

Haven't scrubbed out the cabinet, but a big flat pie pan filled with coffee grounds is doing a great job of neutralizing the musty smell.
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