Multimedia Jukebox with Web Interface?
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Does anyone have any reccomendations for multimedia jukebox software with a web interface?

I want to connect a linux box to my home stereo and be able to control it from a web interface hosted on that box. I want it not to require X to keep it thin, so XMMS plus a plugin won't work. The ability to rescan watch folders from the interface because I'll be moving my music collection from work back to home often.

Am I stuck rolling my own or does someone know of a magical piece of software that will make my life complete? Freshmeat and Sourceforge provided lukewarm results.
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I don't know tons about Linux but SlimServer does a lot of what you require. Open Source.
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Have you looked at SlimServer? Although it's mainly designed for use with SlimDevicesSqueezeBox hardware unit, they provide a Java player which emulates it, or you can stream the servers output using WinAmp or similar... It will stream over the 'Net, too (though it's a bit demanding, re: bandwidth)...

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A modded Xbox running Xbox Media Center will do exactly what you need, but it's not linux.
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check out andromeda
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Corrected link for above
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I run Otto at home. It's worked out really well. Open-source, written in decent Perl, sits under Apache, keeps its data in MySQL, reads filenames or id3, and works like a jukebox (if no-one requests anything, plays random tunes, but requests always take precedence). You can also set up two channels, one playing on the local soundcard, and one streaming with Icecast, both with their own queue. Back when we didn't have cable TV, Otto was running pretty much all the time.

Rescanning is command-line rather than interface, but that would be a pretty easy change to make, or you can just run the command from cron hourly/daily/weekly.

There's also jwz's gronk, but it has a lot of specificity to jwz's own collection. Also open-source.

It should be noted that Andromeda is commercial software.
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