Smelling like brisket forever doesn't seem like such a terrible fate either.
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How do I get rid of the smell of liquid smoke on my skin? I rubbed beef for homemade beef jerky with liquid smoke using my fingers, and now my hand smells delectable. I can't stop salivating and I'm about to start gnawing on my phalanges. Help!

Seriously though, I don't want to go to work tomorrow smelling like this. It's this brand, and the extract appears to be dissolved just in water but my detergents don't seem to be helping.

I have various solvents in the house, but no lemons – the only citrus in the house right now is a grapefruit, and the stores are closed.
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Maybe it's an oil thing? Try rubbing olive oil (or some other nice neutral oil) into your hands, working it in really good, and then using a grease-cutting soap afterwards. Be sure you're getting under your nails and around your cuticles!
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scrub your hands with a paste of baking soda and water?

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Response by poster: Oh! That helped a bit, but there's still a significant lingering smell after three cycles of rubbing and washes. I also tried soaking my hands in diluted acetic acid/vinegar (didn't work) and 70% ethanol (no luck).
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Response by poster: (The olive oil helped; about to try baking soda.)
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Response by poster: For a while, baking soda appeared to do the trick, but now the smell is back! WTF‽
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Best answer: Wash your hair. (vigorous hair washing great for cleaning smell from hands)
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Method soap for kitchen in a black bottle? It's designed with basil to get rid of garlicky hands.
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soak in warm water for a while? possibly a hot bath with bath salts?
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Wash your hands with table salt? (Like lemon, it's great for getting rid of onion too.)
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Rub your hands on something steel (like a pan or a piece of silverware). Same idea as the steel soap-style smell removers like this.
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Lime (or lemon) always works for me. Scrub your hands with a half, then wash with soap and water.
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Doh, sorry, just saw the part about no citrus. Disregard my previous message and now this one, too.
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