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What's the best way to promote healing for a section of abraded gum?

Klutz that I am, I stabbed myself in the inner aspect of my gum (with the sharp edge of a tortilla chip!) right below my two front lower teeth. This is, of course, right where the tip of my tongue rubs when speaking, drinking, eating and pretty much doing anything other than sleeping. (Or so I've gathered, since it feels better when I wake up in the morning but starts hurting again as soon as I start speaking.) I've been trying desperately to keep my tongue away from the spot and I rinse after each meal with warm salt water and use Peroxyl rinse morning and evening, but the abraded area remains swollen and painful after a full week. Any suggestions on ways to promote or speed the healing of the abrasion so that I can feel normal again?
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Wear a hockey mouth guard; that should put some space between tongue and gums, but the guard probably won't touch the gums, so it'll give them time and space to heal. Or you could see an orthodontist.
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Try directly applying any antibiotic you have on hand, Smash into a powder if it is in pill form. This works for a toothache too.
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I've had good luck in such cases by applying baking soda. Rub it into the affected area so it forms a paste, let sit for a minute, then rinse with water. Repeat as often as you like.

Baking soda neutralizes the acids in your mouth that can make injuries turn into canker sores, and it's salty so it numbs the pain temporarily.
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Best answer: Get some Amosan - it tastes horrible, but in my experience, one or two rinses work amazingly well.
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For a simple abrasion (albeit a really painful one. I have done this a number of times with tortilla chips too) like this, I wouldn't expect this reaction, or the duration at least.

It sounds like (possibly) like it is infected, which (doubly speculative here) might indicate that there is a microchip (ha!) lodged in the wound, promoting the puffiness and counteracting your mouth's healing process? Maybe you need to rinse more vigorously? try to dislodge the little guy?

oh, in case anyone had any doubts, IA_obviously_NAD.
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I second Amosan - that stuff is awesome.
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Three for Amosan--are you getting the idea--if that does not work see a dentist--an abrasion in the mouth should clear up in a week to ten days
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Does this Amosan stuff work to stop the transition of small wounds into canker sores?
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Maybe you need to rinse more vigorously? try to dislodge the little guy?

Clean out the wound with a Water-Pik or a Sonicare. Yes, it'll hurt like the dickens.
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If you're talking canker sores and the like you can also use a little yogurt witch active Lactobacillus acidophilus. Helps clear those puppies up right quick (and is yums to boot!).
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