Replacement for Neutrogena Lash Tint?
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Please help me find a replacement for Neutrogena Clean Lash Tint!

My favorite mascara, Neutrogena Clean Lash Tint, is apparently discontinued, and I am distraught. What I loved about it:
- It looked very natural, and added just enough darkness and definition
- It didn’t clump or smear, even if I rubbed my eyes (!)
- It didn’t irritate my very sensitive eyes

Are there any similar products on the market – more of a temporary tint than a traditional mascara? I tried this “lightweight” L’Oreal one, but it was still too heavy and prone to smudging for my liking, and searching for “lash tint” has just brought up some questionable dye products.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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I will start out by saying that I know nearly nothing about mascara other than I've tried a few drugstore brands and hated them because they're clumpy.

But I got a free gift the other day when I bought some Estee Lauder powder (man, I love me some Estee Lauder promo items) of More Than Mascara and I am seriously adoring it. so much so that I'll probably spring for the full-price version when my sample runs out. It's not trying to be all WOAH DRAMATIC, but it really emphasizes what wee eyelashes I already have without making them look all sticky and clumpy and gross, and it doesn't come off if I rub my eyes, and the only problem I've had with it is it coming off when I got weepy because it's not waterproof. So stay away from the tearjerkers. And I think it lengthens as well; either that or I have blonde tips on the ends of my lashes.
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I wish I could suggest comparable products, but I don't know of any offhand, and I've tried a lot of mascaras. I have long curly lashes, but they're blond, so all I really need is a little color, too. I really like Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara--it is sadly more expensive than the Neutrogena, but I think you'd get a lot of use out of a tube. It gets poor reviews on Makeup Alley from women who want a more dramatic look, but I like it exactly because it defines and darkens and lengthens a little and looks very, very natural.

Another product I like is MAC's Mascara X--it's rose scented, gives a glossy natural look.

Maybelline Full 'n' Soft is also good for a natural look.

You might also check into a cake mascara--the one by La Femme has great reviews and is not as expensive as the above suggestions.

I feel your pain--it's awful when a favorite, great product gets discontinued, and there's no decent replacement. Good luck!
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Maybelline Full and Soft is a nice, clean everyday mascara.

The L'Oreal Voluminous line is pretty much for dramatic lashes (which I love!) -- the differences between each one is bascially intensity.

On errand days, Full and Soft is my go to. I wear glasses and feel like mascara helps my eyes stand out from behind them. But on errand days I don't need omgdramalashes, so Full and Soft gets the job done.
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I love the Clean Lash Tint, and have been searching for a replacement as well. Full and Soft works well, and is especially subtle if you apply a thin coat.
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Tarte 4 Day Stay Lash Stain is not perfect -- it can be a bit fussy to apply, and I can't say it ever made it four days on my lashes; buy only from a store with a good return policy -- but it is an interesting product and may suit your needs.
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I like Clinique Naturally Glossy - that's what I've switched to, after being a former fan of that same Neutrogena lash tint! A little pricier, but I've found it a good value.
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I know! I loved that stuff!! I have been using the Organic Wear mascara as a replacement, and it's pretty good. (Not waxy or too clumpy). Not the same, unfortunately, but it's better than any other mascara I've tried so far. (And I tried going into Sephora and asking for something that only darkened the lashes and the lady looked at me the same way my cat looks at the hair dryer...) I found it at Target, and the tube has this leafy thing going on, like it was designed for a Wood Elf.
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I'm sad to hear they discontinued it. My lashes are long enough but faded, too! I've been using Mac Studio Fix Lash.

Pros: Really, really doesn't clump--I am mascara challenged. Doesn't make my lashes weirdly thick, looks natural. Lasts pretty well.

Cons: It is noticeably darker than the Neutrogena, it looks normal on me but might not on you. Ex-pen-sive.
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I'm so sorry - I told you the wrong thing! I use Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara, and I'm also finding that it only takes a couple of swipes (and no second coat) to get the desired application for me, so the $21 price tag may be worth it to you.
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I used to hate mascara for the same reasons you seem to. I started having my very long, thick, and blonde eyelashes dyed every once in a while and it's wonderful.
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I used Lash for a long while until it began flaking on me. I moved on to the Tarte Four Day Stay, but that flaked as well. I'm currently using Stila Convertible Mascara. It goes on as light or as heavy as you wish, doesn't clump, doesn't flake and doesn't look like you're wearing tons of mascara.
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Seconding the Clinique Naturally Glossy. My lashes are already fairly long and thick (my one good feature, I guess) so I just use this to darken them a bit.
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Thanks for all the good leads all! I'm planning to stop by the Clinique counter this weekend so that I can try out the Naturally Glossy, if that doesn't work I'll probably try the Full and Soft next.
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