Maps with a time axis?
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Is there an online map that features a time axis? For example, a slider than controls year, and as the year changes, political boundaries and country names update to the appropriate values.
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Google Earth (and Maps, now?) have a slider which allows you to view historic "satellite" images, dating back to the first half of the century in some cities.
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There's this video of European borders from 1519 - 2006. I suppose you can pause it and scrub the timeline manually.
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I've always wanted to find something like this, except that in my mind it includes world events as well (á la the the end of a game of Civilization).

There's a couple of videos on youtube that come close: 1000 years in 5 minutes (Europe); 1000BC-1000AD. Check out some of the related videos and see what you can find.

I also found this immigration map (NYT) that mimics the style for a different subject.

Part of me wonders if the reason this doesn't appear to exist is that it's practically impossible to actually create. But I'm hoping someone out there has figured it out...
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Dang, I was hoping someone would come up with something, because I've wanted something like this ever since I discovered The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History, which has a series of maps like this.

Acey, I don't think it's impossible, but there are a lot of difficulties. How do you represent the data? Any given political unit is actually an irregular 3-dimensional solid -- think of cutting out the area representing the US from a map for 1775, 1776, ...., 2010, and stacking them one on top of the other.
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