When is a watch not a watch?
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I would like to have a portable device for keeping track of the time that is not a wristwatch (I seem to inevitably lose all wristwatches) but can be stored and accessed with ease. I was thinking maybe something I could store in my wallet. Any suggestions or ideas?
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I've used a small (diamater of a quarter) pocketwatch on my keychain for years. Convenient and stylish. I bought mine on the internet, but it was hard to find.

Ordinary flip-open pocketwatches are nice, although in my experience they tend to break easily.

These days I just use my cell phone.
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This was on Gizmodo a while ago. Unfortunately it is still unavailable despite regular emails on my part.
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I loved loved loved my pocketwatch.
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One of these? Or these?
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ahh, looks like they're easier to find now.
posted by Four Flavors at 11:03 AM on May 12, 2005

Sounds like you're looking for a Nurse's Watch

There's a pile for sale on the eBay.
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What about one of those ring watches?
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what about a cellphone?
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A Zipper Pull Watch.
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yeah, I was gonna ask, don't you have a cell phone? seems to be the default personal clock where I live...

Pocketwatches are snazzy, tho'. I had a nice swiss army pocketwatch for some number of years that only cost about $70 or something, and I really liked it. Plus it finally solved the eternal question of what those extra little pockets in jeans are for (I know, they're for your dope, but for those of us without such hobbies, they were mysteries. until the pocketwatch!)
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Delmoi - I was thinking the same thing. I have a flip phone with an LCD on the front (when closed) that displays the time. I hate wearing a watch, so this is perfect for me.
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Response by poster: Sorry, should have clarified. I have a cell-phone, but it is old and clunky and I use it only for car emergencies, so I usually do not have it on me.

Several of the above items look like they would fit my needs. The time tags are particularly awesome but unfortunately not presently available.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I bow to AskMe's immense powers once again.
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I used to buy plastic kids' watches and keep them on my keychain. Same idea as a pocketwatch, I guess, but cheaper.
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I use a pocketwatch-as-keychain too. Don't buy expensive or delicate ones, since they get a lot of rough treatment.
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How about one of these?
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Or a time-tag?
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Here's your solution.
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The time tags seem to be available from the manufacturer.
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Might I suggest a Swiss Army Knife with a clock? This page indicates that the "Voyager" has that feature. As a bonus, you'll have a nice set of tools with you at all times (no pun intended).
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krisjohn: except when you travel by plane.
posted by j at 3:24 AM on May 13, 2005

Or walk into many government buildings. I had to stop carrying my pocketknife after 9/11.
posted by MrMoonPie at 12:44 PM on May 13, 2005

Oh, I'm sorry, was the original poster an American?

How about a pedometer then, most of them have clocks, plus they can help you manage your weight.
posted by krisjohn at 7:46 PM on May 13, 2005

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