Digital dictation and transcription
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Looking for recommendations for digital dictation/transcription software and devices.

My current work place uses regular old dictaphones with tapes. There are approximately 15 dictators and 6 people who do the transcribing (not all day every day, but generally speaking). The equipment is not particularly good, and they are considering replacing it. At my old, much much larger place of work we had moved to Winscribe software with Phillips digital dictaphones. It was amazing. I suspect it was also expensive, although their website lacks pricing information. I'd like to make the pitch to NewWork to go digital. Does anyone have any idea what this might cost, or recommendations for other solutions? The assistants prefer footpedals, if that matters.

Note: this has to be a dictate-to-a-file-and-send-to-a-person-to-transcribe solution, not voice recognition typing for word, or something similar.
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Express scribe is free. NCH, the deleloper, offer offer a range of free transcription related products. Worth a look before you fork out.
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I've been using f4 for transcribing academic interviews. The use of foot pedals is supported. I'm pretty happy with it.
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