how much do you pay for dog walking?
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Several dog walking services in my area of San Diego offer a range of services and prices, and I'd like to get a sense of what others considerable reasonable, and what services, if anything, people find worth the money for besides just the walking itself. In terms of pooch specifics, my obese italian greyhound needs a longer, more vigorous walk each afternoon/evening than I can make time for given my current work schedule. thanks
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I live in Philadelphia, and our dog walker charges $14 for 30 mins and $25 for an hour.
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In San Francisco, ours charges $20/walk for regulars. My walker has my dog M-F, 11am-4pm (ish).
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In the Bay Area, we pay 30 dollars for an hour-plus off leash group walk. Rates are 20-30 depending on the level of service.
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In Alexandria, VA, if you pay monthly, it's $10.50 for fifteen minutes and $15 for a half hour. If you pay by individual visit, it's $20 per half hour. The biggest thing for me is getting the same walker that my dog's familiar with, especially if I'm going out of town, and that the walks aren't grouped together with other dogs. I don't think I really get any services besides the walking on a daily basis and feeding and belly rubs when I'm gone. The walkers don't take out my garbage or water plants or anything, though they probably would if I asked.
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In the Boston area. I pay $18/half hour during the week and $23/half hour on the weekends.
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A friend of mine who makes a decent full-time living a it in Chicago charges $15 for a 20-minute walk and $19 for a 45-minute walk & play. She also does "bulk pricing" with a slight discount for 10 or 20 visits. Only a little extra for additional pets, since the cost to her is in getting to you.

I believe she's a bit more than others but she's bonded and insured, certified by a national organization, and has a waiting list.
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I'm a professional dog walker, bonded, insured, etc. I don't charge by time, but by number of dogs. $15 for one dog, $25 for two, $40 for three. ( I won't walk four or more dogs on the same walk.) Some walks are 20 minutes-ish, some are just until Fluffy poops and pees (by client request.)
I'll bring in UPS/FedEx packages from the porch, wheel the trash can back to the garage, bring in mail for my shut-in clients. I won't unload the dishwasher or "mind the baby" (yes, I've been asked.) I consider those things "mission-creep."
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We've had two independent walkers (i.e., not from one of the big companies with a rotating staff) in NYC. Both charged $15 for a half hour walk, and left a little note for us of when they came and whether our dog peed and pooped.

Walker #1 was bonded and insured, and said that the half hour included the time required to enter the building, leash the dog, etc. Walker #1 offered to feed our dog, give medication, refilled his water bowl, did cursory cleanups if there was an accident, and sent us a message if there was something strange going on (dog limping, deadbolt was left unlocked when she got there).

Walker #2 only counts the time the dog actually spends outside as part of the half hour. Walker #2 isn't as communicative and doesn't offer to do all of those extra things Walker #1 did, but they generally don't come up very often.
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Best answer: I live in San Diego and we've been having our dogsitter come during the afternoon on days when I'm at work and my husband is traveling for work. She just lets our 3 out in the yard and plays with them, but her walk rates start at 1 dog 30 minutes $22. 45 is $28, 60 is $34. She's got a subcontractor who works with her and I like both of them very much. Their rates fall in line with what we paid in Dallas.

They will do mail/newspapers, trash, water plants, rotate lights/curtains, and daily reports. You can add on training, grooming, meds, fish care, pet taxi, and - as far as I can tell - just about anything reasonable you need, including doing your pet food/supply shopping for you. On our initial consultation they also documented our preferences in case of evacuations for fires (which basically came down to us needing to get crates for them, which our trainer had already pointed out, and then take them wherever the county says to take them).

It looks like they'll work a deal for ongoing visits, as well, so the rates above might go down if you were paying monthly.

(Their service area is North County, MeFi Mail me if you want their contact info.)
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